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Fountain Petro Products Overview


As a Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Oil & Gas Equipment, Fountain Petro is awarded manufacturing license for BOPs and control syterm, with rich, extensive of manufactring and supplying a complete set of well-control equipment for oil fileds. We have enjoyed a great popularity glabelly, our products have been exported to and used in America, Canada, China, Russia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Myanmar, Kirghizstan, Vennezuela and Iran etc. Fountain Petro's Products can be catograzied as following groups:

Blowout Preventers (BOPs) are safety devices used to "prevent" the uncontrolled flow of liquids and gases during well drilling operations. Blowout preventers are large, high-pressure valves that are capable of being remotely controlled. When the driller closes the valve, a pressure-tight seal is formed at the top of the well, preventing the fluids from escaping. ALL BOPs are manufactured to comply with specification API Spec 16A and MR-01-75 for H2S service. There are two major types of Blowout Preventers, Annular (also known as Spherical) and RAM. Annular BOPs are usually mounted to the very top of the BOP stack. The drilling crew then mounts two, three, or four RAM BOPs below the Annular preventer. If a kick is detected, the annular is usually closed first and then the RAM is used as a backup if the Annular should fail.

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BOP Control System:
The control system for surface BOP stacks is important equipment for the controlling of BOP stacks, choke and kill valve for well control. The products are designed and manufactured in accordance with API SPEC 16D. BOP Control Systems include Master Control Unit, Drillers Panel and Auxiliary Remote Control Panel.

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Drilling Accessories:
Fountain Petro LLC is a Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Plug Valve,Plug Valve Control Heads,Wireline Pressure Control Equipment, Sand Filter,Flowhead Surface Test Tree, Grease and Hydraulic Control Unit,Drilling Accessories

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Choke Maniford:
Fountain Petro LLC cn build Choke Maniford and Kill maniford according to your specification and requirement.

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Wireline & Slickline Pressure Control Equipment:
The whole sysgtem of wireline pressure control equipment can be divided into 8 individual parts including Wireline Grease Injection Control Head, Tool Catcher, Lubricator, Tool Trap, Quick Test Sub, Wireline Valves (BOPs), Pump-In-Sub, Wellhead Adapter Flange; we can supplie you the whole system or any part of it.

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Gate Valves:
The FPL-FLS Gate Valve is widely recognized as a high quality valve for all types of applications. The FLS is a full-bore, through-conduit valve available in standard double flange, threaded-end and special block body configurations. It is a forged valve available in pressure ratings from 2000 to 20,000 psi and bore sizes from 1-13/16 in. to 9 in. The FLS is Cameron's standard valve for critical requirements including clad and subsea applications. It can be fitted with a wide range of actuators.

Choose Fountain Petro Gate valve for many great features and benifites.

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